Nick, New York, USA (November 26, 2016)

«Maria’s pastel of Rina, my best friend and the mother of my 2 adult sons, has arrived to NYC, packed amazingly well. Seeing the actual drawing for the first time was an INCREDIBLE experience. It was an emotionally charged moment. The size, the feel, the apparent beauty of the colors, textures and technique has NO PARALLELS in photography. This drawing- specifically because so much of the creation process is evident in it, is alive, it has a soul, and it vibrates with spiritual presence. I rarely get so excited about art – as an artist myself, I know what it takes to transfer so much soul onto paper – Maria did that PERFECTLY. I feel like I hit the lottery with this one. Rina couldn’t be more happy and appreciative of my present. What a gifted artist you are Maria. I know I will have you draw more for me.»