«My husband & I just opened the portrait of our dog, Lilly, & we are in LOVE!! My mom commissioned the art without us knowing, & I can’t remember the last time I was so happily surprised by a gift! I cannot believe how perfectly Maria captured every aspect of our dog in her portrait! She even accurately represented Lilly’s different colored 3rd eye lid (Lilly’s a true mutt, with multi-colored 3rd eyelids, claws & footpads!) It’s so realistic, it looks like we could reach into the picture & pet her soft fur. This is a piece of art that my husband & I will treasure long after our beloved Lilly is gone. I am so thankful for Maria’s talent & the passion that she poured into our Lilly…to have someone see the beauty that we see in our dog & be able to illustrate it into a tangible painting is absolutely priceless!!!»

Beryl, California, USA (December 21, 2016)