Kitten Portia

«Maria continues to amaze us with her deep talent & extraordinary ability to capture the character of a beloved pet from such a vast physical distance. Honestly, in a world where there are so many divides, I find that the beautiful portraits Maria has made for us not only “wow” everyone who has seen them (especially those who know the animal – who are floored by the uncanny accuracy & talent of the work), but also draw comments about how amazing it is to be able to forge such a special connection with this unique person from so very far away! This portrait of Portia is probably my favorite, though I love them all very much, because Portia herself has already grown considerably from the photo Maria chose & it’s a timeless reminder to me to appreciate every precious moment of time together with the ones we love, both pet and human!»

Joanne, Arizona, USA (December 21, 2016)