White cat

Customer review: «…She has the best customer service and she cares about the customer and wants the best for them…»


Customer review: «My mom commissioned the art without us knowing, & I can’t remember the last time I was so happily surprised by a gift!»

cat art paintings


Customer review: “…It is so life-like that it has been mistaken for a photograph. Maria’s attentions to detail and character brought our beloved Peanut to life…”

cat artwork canvas

Walnut the Dumpster Cat

Customer review: “Absolutely gorgeous painting. Wonderful control of the colors and textures…”

cat wall art

Tabby cat Qwerty

Customer review: «This is my second order and I cannot recommend Maria’s talents enough.»

Madame Pompadour

Customer review: «Wow, what a fantastic piece of art. Maria totally blew my expectations away.»

Portrait of a black lab-pit Kado

Customer review: «Maria did an amazing job and captured his personality so well. The quality of the drawing and frame was just perfect»

cat picture art

Red cat

Customer review: «…Maria did an amazing job capturing the detail. It turned out even better than I could have imagined….»

cat portrait drawing

Siamese cat portrait Billy Bob

Customer review: «…Not only is Maria an outstanding artist, but she is also wonderful to work with. She has a very friendly and professional manner…»

Golden retriever

Customer review: «…I highly recommend anyone looking to commission an animal portrait to go with Maria. You will not be disappointed.»

Little dog

Customer review: «This could not have turned out any better in my wildest dreams! It is absolutely WONDERFUL. She captured our little chihuahua so beautifully. She is SUPREMELY talented. A+++++»

Black cat

Customer review: «My cat means the world to me, and Maria captured her beautifully. Her skills are truly amazing!…»

Black cat

Customer review: «…He is gone now, but this painting definitely still keeps him around. Thank you so much, Maria!…»


Customer review: «…She is seriously the best and you will not find anyone better!»


Customer review: «…To say the painting came out well is an understatement. Maria produced a masterpiece that brought me and my girlfriend to tears…»

British cat with amazing blue eyes

Customer review: «She did an amazing job capturing my beloved cat of 20 years. Very talented! I will definitely commission more in the future».

The best friends

Customer review: «What a lovely, efficient and friendly transaction, no fuss, no delays, simply superb…»

Portrait of a dog and three pets together

Customer review: «She captured the details of my pets absolutely perfectly and I’m so grateful for her amazing work. She made sure I was 100% satisfied with my order!»

Portrait of a black dog

Customer review: «She is incredibly TALENTED! I gave this drawing as a gift and it brought my boyfriend to tears»

Kitten Portia

Customer review: «Maria continues to amaze us with her deep talent & extraordinary ability to capture the character of a beloved pet.»


Customer review: «I could not be happier with the execution of this work. My wife’s words: “best present ever”.»